Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Favs on Thursdays:

It's Thursday! It wouldn't be a Thursday with Katy and Nicole, of course, sharing our favorites. Want to share too? Link to the three of us in your post and make sure to comment on our posts so we can check out your favorites too!
For some reason this week, I'm struggling to find a favorite! My life has been unreasonably busy this week and last week. It's just how things get each April and it usually continues straight on through to mid August. I'm ready for this summer to be over already. A bonus this week is the unseasonably cool weather we've been having here in Georgia. Enough about me! Besides my (multiple) planners, coffee, and sleep being my favorite things this week, I'm excited to have an Eastern Collective cable on the way to my house.
Stock image
After upgrading last month, I found myself with an abundance of outdated technology lying around and lots of things needing to be updated. First, I replaced my portable battery charger with this Triple C charger. I used their products with my 3gs and 4s and their portable battery chargers are great. Usually I can get 75% charge back out of it.

Next, I needed a new cable to connect my phone to my car. In case you can't tell, I like to be fully prepared, so just having one back up charging option wouldn't do. I needed an extra cable and didn't want to just settle for the regular factory cable. I needed something more durable because I wore out a charging cable already. Enter Eastern Collective. I love their colors! The length is longer than your standard charging cable too, so it will reach everyone in the car. First I saw them at Madewell, but I have to hunt the best deal. I ended up getting the pink one above through Amazon and cannot wait to see how well it works. In the long run, the slightly higher price of this cable will be worth being able to charge my phone whenever and thanks to my Triple C charger, where ever I want and won't have to replace it as soon.

So how has your week been? What's been saving your sanity?

*this post is NOT sponsored. all opinions are mine.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY Day: Framed Fridge Decor

It's spring, and even though Georgia is experiencing winter like weather right now, I'm still ready to spruce up the house a bit. On the SNAP! Conference blog I saw a link to Jessica's post on Mom 4 Real showing how she used cut out frames to dress up her fridge. Keeping things neat and organized is something that's right up my alley. Inspired by Jessica, here's what I did for my framed fridge project.

I decided to do one magnetic and one chalkboard one. Here are the details for my magnetic fridge frame:

FIRST: The frame. I went with the cute decorative frames that you can get from Hobby Lobby. They're always half off and then I already had glass to use for my magnetic area. 

SECOND: After seperating the glass from the frame and all the paper, I used Krylon Magnetic Spray Paint. The more you apply, the stronger the magnetic surface is. I used about half a can on the 8x10 glass.

Here it is all cleaned up and dry. 

The can recommends letting the paint dry for 24 hours. That's exactly what I did and this turned out perfectly. Except for a few user errors and the wind blowing some stray debris into drying paint, for light weight items and good magnets, this magnetic spray paint works.

THIRD: After reassembling the frame, I grabbed my trusty Gorilla Glue and various sizes of magnets laying around the house. For the 8x10, don't use anything smaller than a quarter coin. The 5x7 one I used an assortment of quarter coin sized magnets and nickel coin sized magnets. Gorilla glue expands A LOT while drying. Make sure you put something on top of the magnets so they don't move around while the glue expands. Leave it to dry as long as possible. I used 12 quarter size magnets for the 8x10 frame to make it stay on the fridge and not slide around. Had I used stronger magnets, it probably would not have taken nearly as many. It only took four for the 5x7 frame because I had stronger magnets available.

Voila! Once the glue is dry, put it on the fridge, and you have a framed fridge! I also made one with one of my favorite Disney inspired prints. The chalkboard one I used chalkboard vinyl surface and covered the glass that came with the frame. I'm using it for my grocery list. FIY, the magnets can scratch a polished stainless steel fridge, so be careful!

What do you think? Is this something you'll try? How do you keep your fridge organized?

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Style Day: Gap slim cropped stripe pants remix

So there's been a lot of style this week. Sorry about that. I've had little more than just enough time to get dressed this week (and color) much less have time to get crafty. Hope to be back to my diversified self next week!

Earlier this week, I discussed my love for the J.Crew Cafe Capris, Campbells, and now I want to share the Gap slim cropped pants. After abandoning my engrained thoughts of "no horizontal stripes on the lower half" last month, it was only natural that another piece follow. Enter these pants:

Gap Slim Cropped Stripe Pants

First off, I really prefer cropped pants. I like the way they look on me, so these pants immediately had that going for them. Then I found them super cheap at the Gap. The next natural step was to try them. Their fit was great. The slant front pockets are situated high so they don't gape or create more visual space on the waist. According to the description, it says they fit below the waist. On me they fit at the natural waist. There is just enough stretch in the fabric that it doesn't get lumpy during the day, but are very comfortable still. I'm looking forward to getting another pair soon.

My goal in remixing these pants was to use the same sweater+pants+heels combination to show that these pants fit well in a simple work outfit formula. It took less than 5 minutes to put together these outfits, which is key to me in the mornings. (I really like my sleep.) I've also worn these pants so far with a tee and some colorful wedges. There may also be plans to mix them with a dotted oxford... we'll see about that later.

Left outfit- necklace: J.Crew (similar) sweater: J.Crew <--highly recommend this sweater Belt: Old Navy (similar) Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)
Right outfit- same necklace sweater: J.Crew belt: J.Crew Factory (similar) shoes: Franco Sarto (similar)

Besides the fact that I need to put tape marks on my floor so I get consistent pictures, I you can see the versatility of these pants. For all intensive purposes, the outfits are "identical," but give the formula look a different feel by switching up colors for the components.

I am VERY happy with these pants and highly recommend them. As much as I love getting all dressed up and remixing my favorite pieces, I am so excited that today is my jeans day at work. That privilege will be fully taken advantage of. Have you found your favorite work pant? Tried any of these?

*this post is not sponsored, I just really like these pants*

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Favs on Thursdays: Staedtler Pens

It's Thursday! It wouldn't be a Thursday with Katy and Nicole, of course, sharing our favorites. Want to share too? Link to the three of us in your post and make sure to comment on our posts so we can check out your favorites too!

This week, my new favorite thing are these Staedtler pens. Not just a few either. The mother of all packs with 20 different shades of pens. 

Tuesday I got these precious pens from the UPS man via Amazon. I have used the basic black and blue from Staedtler before and am a big fan of the Papermate Flair pens, but the biggest pack of Flair only goes up to 16. Of course I was allured by four more colors. The triplus fineliner actually comes in a full 30 colors, which is exciting. They feel like Pokemon to me; I gotta catch them all! The tip is very fine and the colors are so vivid. I've been using them almost constantly and the fine tip hasn't become blunt. While looking at the related products on Amazon, this book came up:

This inky treasure hunt book is my second favorite thing this week. Coloring the teeny tiny detailed drawings in this book and following the treasure hunt with my new Staedtler pens has been amazingly relaxing and cathartic at the end of the days this week. Also all I can think of is the Secret Garden and how much I watched that movie as a child. So nostaligic as well.

This is my progress so far on the first picture. I may even be addicted.

So what is your favorite this week? Let us know!

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