Budgeting Bloggers:: May 2015 Finals

If you’re following with Blogger, May I, today’s prompt is “treat yo self,” which is super appropriate for a budgeting bloggers post… then again, maybe not, since treating implies no limits. Feel free to link up with your treat yo self posts below while I also link up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers to share our May accountability.

At first I thought I had done terrible, no-good, very bad things this past month with my clothes budget. I sat down yesterday to tally it all up and was pleasantly surprised. While I did go over budget, I didn’t go over as bad as I thought I did due to some non-budget included things like sports bras, underwear, and rain coats.

Have you entered the heart & arrow giveaway yet?

Here’s what my bugeting got me in May::

may 2015 budgeting bloggers

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Organizing Summer Plans with Susy Jack & BlueSky

Today’s actual Blogger, May I prompt is “summer plans,” and you’re getting a two-fer Tuesday today because I committed to this link up and I want to get 31 days of posts for this month!

Part of my drive to get 31 posts up this month is to create a good momentum for my blogging that I hope to keep through out the summer. May/June/July/August rush in and leave fast, making it hard to stay on top of all the extra things that seem to get heaped on that plate that you just wanted that light and fresh summer salad of activities to grace. Summer makes you want to throw out all the planners and forget about what day it is, but when you’re an adult, you can’t really do those things. You might as well have a chic and useful planner to keep up with it in.

We all know I adore planners. (see examples here, here and here.) Good ol pen and paper is my best ally in keeping my thoughts and plans straight. While you may not need all the space in the world for your summer plans, a simple, modern, and to-the-point layout meets the needs for summer. Susy Jack has come up with some of the most perfect summer pastel planner prints for BlueSky Planners, available at Target stores and bluesky.com 

Staying Organized During the Summer with Susy Jack BlueSky
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Five Favorite Blogging Tools + GIVEAWAY

This morning I’m throwing it back to day 12 of Blogger, May I, which I’m very surprised I missed posting since the prompt was

Favorite blogging tools.

I’ve picked my five favorite to share (because there’s many more than that) and there’s a giveaway that I’m co-hosting as well!

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Favorite Quote & Unofficial Start of Summer

There are seven more days for me to produce seven quality posts, plus catch up on the previous TEN I’ve missed. Oy. I will prevail though!

Today is generally accepted as the unofficial start of summer.

It felt like it today. A little laziness, plenty of heat, and a dash or ten of fun. We went to go see the Tomorrowland movie. It’s definitely a movie for Disney die-hards and not for the masses unfortunately. It also marks the fourth movie I’ve seen in theaters this year. You have to understand how unusual that is for me. Before seeing Into the Woods in February, the last movie I saw in the theaters was Frozen well over a year ago. Yeah… I’m not much for movies. BUT it was a great way to kick off summer and get it over fast! It’s my least favorite season. Sorry all you warmth lovers, I adore fall and winter.

It was exciting to get dressed today. Since we switched to scrubs at work, I haven’t visited much of the rest of my closet. Wearing scrubs to work makes almost all of my clothes feel new for the weekends. Even though I’m remixing items from last year, I feel more inventive with them, trying new combinations. Like with this tank. It was an all star in my late Summer trial capsule, but something like this outfit didn’t pop up until now.

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