Tan Stripes + Utility Vest Remixed

This casual outfit came together so easily I was surprised. First the floral shorts, then I picked the top and it almost threw itself on me. Then I realized it’s almost an exact duplicate of this outfit. Just swap the pants, shoes, and the colors on the tassel necklace and you’re set. My next realization is that’s what remixing is all about. Taking pieces or combinations of pieces and coming up with new ways to wear them.

Stripes and Floral pattern mixing

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Sunday Lately :: Wk 34

Link up with Katy, Nicole, and me to share what you have been doing lately.

Another Sunday has rolled around again and I’m sharing what I’ve been up to since last Sunday with the prompts:: Updating, Reminding, Needing, Wearing, Being. You’re welcome to use our prompts or your own or just link up with whatever! We’d love to have you!

2015-08-22 19.31.52

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Emily Ley Simplified Planner Re-do Review 2015

Just mere months after I got my first Simplified Planner and when I first started using it, Emily Ley announced on her blog that changes were coming to the planner I had just fallen in love with. She did an in depth video on her blog and you can now see full page views on the shop site. Still, there’s nothing quite like seeing them side by side and getting a first hand user’s experience. I was able to purchase one of the new academic ones for my work planner and here’s how it compares to the old simplified planner.

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