Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Capsule Outfit 13::Navy Vest + Hunter rainboots giveaway

Thank you all for weighing in on some of the last pieces in my capsule here. I'm still taking suggestions. Any and all are appreciated! Rest assured jackets, cardigans, vests, shoes, etc., are all being included, but will not be given a capsule numbered spot. Since the weather changes so much, I chose not to give those items precious numbered spots since I'm not sure how much applicable weather I will experince in the fall and winter months. Like this vest, I love it. It's fun. But to give it a capsule number wouldn't be the wisest decision because I don't know how often I'll wear it over the next two seasons. But I enjoyed wearing it this day!
necklace::J.Crew gingham button up::GAP vest::Banana Republic (similar) skirt::asos shoes::dv by dolce vita (similar)
This vest has been in my closet for five years now. I picked it up thrifting and is one of the last thrifted items I still have since my body has changed so much. It's a quality piece, but I just have fun with it. Very rarely do I have to dress up in a suit. In fact, I have never had to wear a suit. I'm just not that fancy.

One reason I'm not including shoes in this capsule is because you need a variety of shoes in fall and winter weather. You just never know what the temperatures are going to be like. Some days you need sandals, others you need rain boots. I would love to add a pair of quality rain boots to my shoe collection, just like the Hunter boots 13 bloggers plus myself are joining together to giveaway! welliesgiveaway
The giveaway will run from 12:00 am EST on October 22nd until 11:59 pm EST on October 28th. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Prize has a value of up to $150. Entries will be verified, so please be honest. Winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond and claim prize before a new winner will be chosen. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Best of luck to you! :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
I am so excited to be a part of this! Make sure you enter to win!

What kind of fun pieces do you keep in your closet to add something special sometimes?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Here it finally is! My fall capsule that started September 29. Yeah... I've been wearing these items for a while now, thus why I started going ahead and sharing outfits since I couldn't get my stuff together for my collage post. Right now I'm working with 35 items, 33 of which are pictured below (I missed a few). I'm not counting shoes or outer layers (aka- jackets, vests, cardigans) since I don't buy tons of those items anyway. Since I'm currently working with 35 items, I would like to ask for some advice below! Here's the items that are definitely in the capsule::

**this post contains affiliate links**
fantastique tee :: tie bow blouse :: stripe shirttail tee
embroidered front tee :: gingham shirt :: polka dot 3/4 sleeve sweater
solid shirttail tee :: sparkle trim sweatshirt tee :: silk shirtfront top
plaid flannel top :: denim popover :: vintage cotton tee
(not pictured vintage cotton tee in burgundy)
ponte stripe dress :: stripe knit tee dress :: sweater maxi dress
zip back dress :: tunic :: cointoss stripe dress :: colorblock tunic
(not pictured "friday" dress in stripe)
black denim :: printed minnie :: cafe capri
burgundy jeans :: printed minnie :: cafe capri

navy pencil skirt :: navy maxi skirt :: black pleated maxi :: black pencil skirt
chevron printed a-line skirt :: leopard pencil skirt :: burgundy midi skirt :: striped pencil skirt
Here's the part where I need your help! Since weather doesn't change much here in Georgia for winter, I don't plan on changing my clothing choices much besides adding heavier sweaters and taller boots. Because I won't be seeking out 35-40 new items come December/January, I would like to include more items in my fall capsule. Here are the 12 contenders below. I need your help deciding what, if any or all, will work with the 35 pieces I've already decided are essentials above.

oatmeal 3/4 sleeve sweater :: cobalt 3/4 sleeve sweater :: stripe chambray popover
mustard polka dot blouse :: checkerboard tee :: ivory 3/4 sleeve sweater
stripe 3/4 sleeve sweater :: navy 3/4 sleeve sweater :: burgundy/navy embroidered front tee
olive chino pants :: camel colored cafe capris :: dark rinse straight blue jeans
I'm thinking the oatmeal and cobalt sweaters are pretty close to in, but of those last 12, what do you think needs to be included? What needs to go? Thanks for all your help in advance!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Favs on Thursdays:: Fall Smells

Fall weather came full force yesterday in Georgia. Highs of 70° read fall all over for me. We keep our house at 68° all the time, so it's pretty much fall all the time in our house. Another way I make it feel like fall is adding my favorite scent to the house. 

Sarah Dowdy, over at How Stuff Works states, "A smell can bring on a flood of memories, influence people's moods and even affect their work performance." Behind burning leaves and old books, the Bergamot Tobacco smell is one of my favorite smells of all time. This is one of those smells that bring about a flood of memories. It's the smell my best friend's mom keeps in their house year round. He lives in Taiwan now, and obviously, I'm in Georgia, so I don't get to see him much. When I walk through the door after I get home and right before I walk out I'm reminded of all the awesome times we had growing up together when I smell this, and it makes me smile. So maybe it's the memories that makes this my favorite scent, but either way, its solidified as my favorite! Bergamot is closely associated with fall in my mind though, and the colors in this potpourri are quintessentially fall. It makes for a quick and easy ready for fall decor switch in the house too. 

My favorite fall scent is actually on sale already at Pottery Barn. Even though it wouldn't evoke the memories for you, if you're looking for a fall scent to introduce into your home, order some now! We put out our first batch two months ago and it still smells amazing- even through all our spice-filled cooking!

What's your favorite thing this week? Don't forget to take a minute and link up with us below!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Colorblock Tunic+Plaid Flannel

While I try to get together my photos to introduce you to all to my fall capsule (and get some help!), I'm going to go ahead and blog outfit 12 of my capsule. Once I get myself together, I'm going to get y'all caught up on outfit photos, but for now, I'm still not back in my routine! It's driving me nuts.
tunic and booties for fall ::
**this post contains affiliate links**
plaid button down:: Old Navy tunic:: Madewell  (similar) leggings:: Old Navy booties:: Kenneth Cole Reaction via Marshalls bow ring:: Madewell (you've seen the bracelet/necklace many times so I'll spare you the links)

tunic and booties for fall :: www.hayesdays.comtunic and booties for fall :: www.hayesdays.comtunic and booties for fall :: www.hayesdays.comtunic and booties for fall ::

This one almost didn't get worn out of the house. The tunic is sleeveless so I knew I needed to wear something over it, but I tried two different jackets and was "meh" about them. I liked this, but I felt SO much of a 90s vibe coming off of this. The next step would've been to take my plaid off and tie it around my waist. Oy! It was too comfortable to deny though, so it got worn out of the house. The weather was so nasty, I wanted to be as close to pajamas as possible when I left the house. These pictures were taken during the tiny break in the weather. Right after I finished it poured down rain for the next several hours. 

Friday, I hope to have a collage of my fall capsule items ready. There's about 10-ish items I'm not sure whether I should include or not and I need y'alls help big time. Sometimes you need to wear something out of your comfort zone, but did I cross a line with a little too much 90s in this outfit? What would you wear over this tunic? 

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