Maxi Mixed AGAIN + Rocksbox Review

You know how people say “that’s the best $x I ever spent” about an item? Well, I say it about a lot of pieces, but it’s probably the truest for this pleated maxi skirt, (as well as this chambray top, but this post isn’t about it.) Black, pleats, elastic waist band, $15? Done. I had already worn it here and in one more outfit before remixing it the first time back in January.  I guess that’s what happens when you finally have a closet your happy with. Part of it is also it’s amazingness. The versatility never ends. Pairing it with the chambray is something I hadn’t done, but saw browsing pinterest, and decided it would be the perfect background of basics to showcase my first month’s Rocksbox.


If you haven’t heard of Rocksbox, I’m pretty sure you’ve been under a rock (pun totally intended). They’ve partnered with some of my favorite bloggers. Now they reached out to me, and I’m excited to share what I love about this service with you maybe for the first time (or the fifth time). I have heard them compared to “Netflix for jewelry.” There’s no better way to describe it. For a month, you get to wear the three pieces Rocksbox sends you as much as you want. You can keep one, two, or all three. Whatever you decide you don’t want, you send back and they send you three new pieces the next month. All of this for $19 a month + the cost of pieces you decide to keep. There were three things I didn’t know but was surprised to find out about Rocksbox::

  • Their packaging is incredible. I had seen the adorable little tie boxes, but not the bubble wrap and plastic bags to protect the pieces. The long necklace was packaged so that it laid out flat and didn’t tangle. Each piece comes in a drawstring bag for storage too. Color me SUPER impressed.
  • You get $10 shine spend every month. It’s a discount to apply to any pieces you want to purchase. Considering that you get that little bonus, you’re getting a great deal on purchases. If you don’t purchase anything, you’ve just worn $100+ of jewelry for a month and only paid for it being shipped to you and back to Rocksbox.
  • There’s a wishlist feature. See something you know you want to try? Add it to your wish list! I went ahead and picked some pieces out on my first day and I got to try a necklace on my wishlist in my first box.


**this post contains affiliate links**
chambray:: J.Crew Factory skirt:: TopShop (so close, budget pick) shoes:: Report Signature bracelet:: House of Harlow 1960 ($38 if you signed up for Rocksbox) necklace:: Perry Street (exclusive to Rocksbox)

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Sunday Lately:: Wk 15

Good morning! And I can say that because I’ve gotten this together and ready to go the night before for the second week in a row! That’s a pretty big deal for me. I’ve been reading Better Than Beforeby Gretchen Rubin, about building better habits and I’m trying to put them to work for me. While “reading” is not a prompt for this week, Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Applauding, Scheduling are.

The Prettiest Birchbox There Ever Was

The Prettiest Birchbox There Ever Was

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Cats at Work

I was immensely thrilled that when I put this cat dress on the other day and it still zipped. With the weight gain over the past year, I was petrified to put this dress on. If it didn’t fit, I just knew that I would more than likely have to part with it, and no one wants to part with a beloved and unique item– especially when I’ve found my closet gravitating toward the neutral and less punchy side of life. The moment it zipped, I knew exactly how I was going to style it. After a few minutes in the Kendi archives (I’m more of a fan of her 2011-2013 tastes) for inspiration, I found the outfit I remember so vividly. At first, I wanted to wear it more like outfit number 36 here, but I couldn’t find a sweater that would work.  These outfits are ones that made me want this dress and be thrilled beyond belief to find it for $20 at the Myrtle Beach Anthro a few years ago now. Yes, please. I threw my hair up in a bun and layered the color and ran out the door to work. While my work is pretty relaxed with the dress code, this dress was a little more revealing than the last time I wore it. So I was very careful about raising my arms and bending over. No one wants to be mooned in the office. As much as I am a staunch supporter of the “work what cho momma gave you” camp, I’m also a fan of modesty and four inches of cleavage in the workplace is never appropriate. Neither are flip flops, sweats, graphic tees (unless it’s game day- it is the south) anything see thru or heavily distressed. There’s a time and place for these pieces (and even a few work places) but usually work isn’t it. Expect to see this dress again soon because it’s been hanging next to a polka dot top that it’s just dying to be paired with.

How do you feel about cats on clothing? Do you have any fun prints of animals?


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