Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Late Summer Capsule:: Part 3

Catch up with parts 1 & 2. This is where I sum everything up. I started yesterday by sharing my dos and don'ts. I learned that not all my favorites make for a great wardrobe. Those functional pieces that aren't necessarily favorites are in your wardrobe for a reason! Here's outfits 16-30.

(sorry I had to recreate #29. it got lost somewhere)
The biggest players ended up being my functional favorites. I was surprised at how much I wore my white skirt, but seeing as how I was short on bottoms to go with my tops it makes sense. The vests I included were an easy way to make an outfit "different," especially the dresses. Though I included my favorite strapless maxi dress, it turned out to be hard to remix and an item I didn't wear as much. 

I would like to carry over my vests, my Madewell dress (#17) and the J.Crew black dress (#21 and #25) to the fall capsule. Given how well they worked (and how good they made me feel) I think they would work with tights and boots well. Even though I don't like shorts and hate how I look in them, it got so hot in August (duh) and I was glad I included them for the days when I just didn't feel like putting on a dress. 

Overall, the biggest thing I took away is that I will not be able to function with 37-ish pieces for an entire season, especially a southern season. The moment I hit 30 outfits, I leapt for joy and added about 22 more things back to my closet. That would've made my capsule 47 pieces. Though it wouldn't have made dressing for this time period a "challenge," I think I could have very well gone all summer with those 47 pieces. My capsule will be more like 50 items for fall because of that. It did help me realize the colors I like to wear and to just get rid of things that don't fit! Though I didn't get rid of all my other pieces of clothing (I just can't!) it did make me get more creative with the pieces I didn't include when I added them back. I was preparing for fall during this capsule, so I did shop, but I could totally see curbing my shopping big time being in a capsule, knowing that I had other items to swap out once I completed it.

For my trial capsule, I think I did pretty well. I'm excited that I finished it! What have you taken away from your capsules? What do you keep in mind when you're remixing your closet? Do tell!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Late Summer Capsule:: Part 2

Yesterday I posted part 1 of my completed late summer capsule. Today I'm sharing outfits 1-15 since I didn't think you would want to look at 30 little pictures of me all at one time, as well as my first reactions to being in a capsule wardrobe. Tomorrow I'll be sharing outfits 16-30 and some of my personal dos and don'ts that I will be carrying into my fall capsule.

late summer 2014 capsule wardrobe ideas ::

Here's 15 tiny pictures of me:

late summer 2014 capsule wardrobe ideas :: www.hayesdays.comlate summer 2014 capsule wardrobe ideas ::

I can't help but find these tiny pictures kinda hilarious and a total overdose of me. Some of these are also downright terrible pictures. I failed to number them in photoshop but the first nine that are obviously grouped go left to right, top to bottom. Outfit #9 is at the top of row four then it starts over left to right, top to bottom. 

My first DON'T is don't subtract items once you've started, you might need them later. I didn't add anything part of the way through because I wanted the challenge of completing the capsule in the 30 days with what I started with. 25 pieces to remix over the course of 30 days (not counting accessories) was not enough for me. By day 15 up there I already was losing my gusto for getting dressed. (Unless I was putting on that Madewell dress featured in outfits #2 and #11. I could wear it every day.)

DO include all your favorite items. I've already realized how much I missed a few pieces just because I wanted to include some new items in my capsule. I love that plaid popover and would definitely call it a favorite, but I don't think it was suitable for this weather.

DO include a variety of items. I mentioned this yesterday that I included too many tops, and Sara commented that I included three similar dresses and two striped bottoms. From looking at those pictures, I can clearly see my style, colors, and the pieces I gravitate towards. Looking back, I should have included a few pieces that maybe aren't my "go-to" pieces or my favorites, but they would've added more variety to my capsule.

Tomorrow look for numbered outfits 16-30 as well as the rest of my dos and don't and what I'll be keeping in mind as I put together my fall capsule. 

Have you done a capsule before? Any tips for a newbie?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Late Summer Capsule:: Part 1

Everyone has already moved on to their fall capsules at this point. I, on the other hand, just finished a late summer capsule. After being inspired by Into Mind and Unfancy over a month ago now, I decided I wasn't going to wait until fall to put one together and tried my hand at one for what I'm calling late summer. Over the next three days I'll be sharing what I picked, why, the outfits, and what I took away and will be applying for my fall capsule.

Incase you've been living under a rock, a capsule wardrobe is a select amount of pieces (tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes) that you wear for a season. By that definition, my "capsule" was really more like a 30 for 30 challenge. Here's what I picked:

**this post contains affiliate links**
tops:: (first row across) J.Crew, J.Crew, Tahari via TJX, J.Crew (second row) J.Crew, Merona, J.Crew, J.Crew
dresses:: (top row) Madewell, J.Crew (second row) Merona, J.Crew, J.Crew
layers:: J.Crew, Gap, American Eagle Outfitters
shoes:: (top row) Birkenstocks, J.Crew (bottom row) Sole Society, Merona, Cynthia Vincent
bottoms:: (top row) J.Crew, Gap (second row) J.Crew, Madewell, Anthropologie
bag:: Phillip Lim for Target

So in all there's 27 pieces. I also think all 27 have been featured on the blog before. I tried to pick my favorites. That's the first "guideline" I didn't follow. Since I wasn't doing it for the whole season, I didn't think I needed to get to 37-40 pieces.  I didn't necessarily count the bag either since that's not an accessory I change ever day. I included a picture though because I tend to create an outfit that does go with the bag.  I put a lot of thought into having a color palette, which is something I'm focusing on even more for my fall one, since I already have a few pieces for it. Right off the bat I'm sure you can see one of the issues I encountered, which was too many tops, not enough bottoms. Also I ended up losing a pair of shoes (the Sole Society ones) during the capsule so I wore 25 different items for 30-ish days. Tune in tomorrow for the first half of outfits from the last 30 days.

Are you participating in a capsule wardrobe for fall? What are your plans for it?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Sunday Currently v.6

While everyone is out trying to get the Altuzurra for Target collection, I'm at home, drinking coffee and languishing in what can only be appropriately called "sweater weather." We may only have it one day this time, so I'm enjoying every minute of it.

This is also what I'm currently enjoying::
Reading:: about February and March Disney World crowd calendars because there's always another trip in the works.
Writing:: a super belated anniversary card to some of our closest friends. Their anniversary was in May. I guess it's OK since they only just took their anniversary trip last month.
Listening:: To one of my favorite Live365 Disney themed stations. Movie soundtracks are among my favorites to listen to, but nothing soothes the disney-fied soul more than a little parks music. There are several great Parks music stations.
Smelling:: my coffee. One of my favorite smells.
Wishing:: someone would come pack for me. Not just pack what I have on my packing list. Someone to pack exactly what I need and not over pack and make sure I have enough to last the entire trip. That would be great.
Hoping:: to truly relax on our vacation at the end of this week and next. It may sound crazy to have a relaxing Disney vacation, but for me, it's a place where I can forget about grown-up stuff and enjoy a vacation carefree.
Wearing:: leggings and a hoodie-- because its SWEATER WEATHER. (I might say it a million times today.)
Loving:: this SWEATER WEATHER-- duh. Fall weather has and always will be my favorite kind of weather.
Wanting:: to adopt another puppy. Watching that too cute show really gives you the adoption bug.
Needing:: to work on my Disney thank you notes for the Cast members.. 
Feeling:: a serious case of Disneybrain setting in. Can you tell? It's all I'm going to think about and do this week. Sorry guys.
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