Four Closet Essentials:: Remixed

This outfit contains four closet essentials any gal should have. They’re easy to find, easy to put together, and easy to remix. Denim jacket, striped top, pleated skirt, and some leopard.

Why do you need these four items in your closet?


FourCloset Necessities--Remixed (1)
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Budgeting Bloggers:: July 2015 Finals

My shopping this month was composed of a few stragglers from last month and some shopping late last week with the 40-75% off sales online this month. There wasn’t a whole lot of shopping done in the month. I started working extra since one of my front desk associates went on maternity leave, so there wasn’t any time to shop. Also I was on vacation for a bit in the middle of the month and I don’t really shop while on vacation– though it wasn’t for lack of trying! The Vineland outlets were killing me with the sales. While I did spend more than my budget, I’m not keeping more than my budget. There were two rather pricey total fails that I discuss after I talk about what I kept.

Here’s what I brought home in July 2015 and some mini reviews::

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Stripes + Anchors + A Survey

It’s pretty crazy to think of how many times I’ve remixed these particular pieces in other outfits, but they’ve never come together. You can see the anchor top here twice and here once and this skirt has been on the blog probably more times than most pieces– it’s definitely a favorite. Having NOT included the skirt in last summer’s capsule wardrobe is the best explanation to why these pieces haven’t been together until now. The gold anchor print is so subtle it just works with the stripes. They’re both almost neutrals in this situation. I put this outfit together following the rules of pattern mixing. One:: similar in size/shape. Two:: similar colors. Well– maybe I didn’t follow the rules, but I think it works anyway.

What are your favorite patterns to put together?

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