Summer Plaid

When you think “summer plaid,” usually gingham comes to mind first. When I was refining my closet, this top almost didn’t make it. There were three things that made me keep it though. First, the colors. The blue and coral red are all over my summer wardrobe. I lost so much color in the clean out that I felt like this top just had to stay. Second, the weight. As much as I feel like long sleeves and summer are complete opposites, those two factors work with this top. The material is lightweight enough that the long sleeves still work. Third, it doesn’t get much wear time and there’s not enough going against it to keep me from wearing it. So this fell into the category of “I better wear this more so I don’t have to get rid of it.” It got some serious play time late last summer here and here. The same week of the closet clean out, I added this skirt from Lindsay’s Poshcloset and I knew this pop-over was going to get worn with this skirt. One of my co-workers said I looked like an Archie girl. Maybe not quite, but I was definitely going for a retro vibe with this outfit. Goal achieved.


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Sunday Lately:: Wk 27

Late with my lately, but better than nothing at all. My girl Katy has been single-handedly hosting this lovely link-up the past few Sundays and I thought I would actually re-join her and Nicole. I honestly haven’t been the least bit interested in sitting at my computer or in my office. I go 100% at one thing at a time, unfortunately, due to my terrible time management skills coupled with my desire to procrastinate. Besides not wanting to be in the office, here’s what I’ve been…

Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

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Budgeting Bloggers :: June 2015 Finals

Linking up with Fran for Budgeting Bloggers.

I was a bad, bad, budgeting blogger this month, but I have to document the successes and the failures. I no longer need anything in my closet, so I don’t add anything to my spending budget. Instead, have a set budget of $200 that I put towards my clothing. While I blew my budget out of the water, I did make a lot via my Poshmark and eBay sales this month. In my mind, it tempers that, but I try not account for that in my spending. My eyes (and sales and future vacations) got the best of me this past month. (As they did last June too.)

Here’s what I brought home::

Budgeting Bloggers:: June 2015 Finals

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Eyelet, Maxi, and the Last Rocksbox

My title today looks like a bunch of tags. Since the doc I work for has been out on vacation, I feel like my mind has been on vacation too. Last week, I took a total of three of my normal work days off. Y’all– it feels so good. I’ve gotten a few of my HUGE tasks out of the way at home. Stuff like baseboards, taking tons of outfit photos, washing every last piece of laundry, culling my closet yet again (state of the closet address coming up soon y’all), and listing over 50 new items in my Poshmark closet. It feels fantastic.

Getting so many outfit photos stocked up means I ran into a problem I’d never faced before:: which one to post first. So I asked every one which one they wanted to see on Facebook, IG, and Twitter. This one was the winner::


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