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My Favs on Thursdays:: Kate Spade Agenda Review

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Essentially this post could be titled, "My Favs on Thursdays:: Being Organized" because I LOVE being organized. You could say to a fault. Therefore, I love planners. I have electronic planners and paper planners. They all coordinate, but I always get sucked back to the paper planner.
I'm a visual learner-- and rememberer. It helps me to remember if I write it down and see myself write it down. As my life has changed, the quest for a perfect agenda has reemerged. I've ordered three to compare. The Kate Spade Agenda is first since I'd heard such good things about it! The next two will come in September and October.

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First up on my agenda criteria is the cover. Kate Spade agendas are second to none. Other agendas pick patterns to be like Kate Spade agendas! You can see all the cover options here under stationery at the Kate Spade website. Despite reviews saying that the dots rubbed off, there was one very helpful review saying to use spray sealer first and the dots would stay. I've been using it for a week and I sprayed the cover and the dots still look like new.

Next up is size. I selected the large planner, which measures in at 9 inches high and 7 inches wide. You can select a smaller size if that's your hearts desire, but I have a 5x7 planner done by days and it's still not enough room for everything, so I selected the larger size. My personal opinion on the size is that it's perfect for putting in your tote, taking to business meetings, etc. It's not overwhelming. It is 2 inches thick however, but an elastic is attached to it to help keep it closed

Third, the layout. Inside you'll first find a pocket for extra pieces of paper, invitations, etc. before getting into the meat of the matter. Once past the pocket there are pages for notes, important dates, and year at a glance. Then there is a tab month by month starting in August 2014 to December 2015 so I immediately started carrying this one around. Each month tab has a quippy saying to start you out. The next page is that month at a glance with squares to fill in. The individual days are displayed via week view, as seen in the first and last squares below. This space is a tad small for my liking, since I like to also include my to-do list in my planner. I have been keeping my to-do list on post-its, which works for me too, but I would love for them to have just a little more space. Maybe 2 two-page spreads for the week? Four pages total. It would make a huge difference. I also consider the paper when selecting an agenda since I write with felt tip pens or fine tip pens that can both often bleed through the paper. The fine tip pens were perfect. The felt tips bled a little, so I'm just going to stick with my fine tip, which is not enough to make me give the planner a lower score.

Overall, for my needs, the Kate Spade agenda is an 8.5/10. These agendas are well made. The spirals are protected. The cover is sturdy. It stacks up very well against my judging criteria under cover, size, layout, and paper. I would recommend it more so for those who like to be organized but keep their lists elsewhere. The price isn't bad either for it's comparison models. If you want one, check out all the stats and other reviews here.

What kind of methods do you use to stay organized? In the market for a planner? Which are you considering?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What's New + Blog Sponsorship Resources

I know what you're thinking-- "There's new stuff? Where?" Trust me, if it wasn't my blog and I didn't spend time on it each day I wouldn't notice either. The changes are small, but I hope they help for better navigation and make it easier for you to find what you want on my blog!

best blog sponsorship resources ::

CATEGORIES:: The categories under the header have changed. "About me" and "Contact" are still there, but there are new categories for my posts. Of course, "Disney" is still there (and will be coming full force next month while I'm there), but the other umbrellas for my posts are now "Lifestyle," "Outfits," and "Projects." Style was a little too broad and so many of my posts were falling into that category when they really needed to be separated. Anything related to a beauty routine, products, tips, and any personal posts will be under lifestyle now. Outfits is just for, well, outfits. Projects will be projects around the house, blog-- anything that lends itself to being creative.

DISCLOSURE:: In an effort to be as professional as possible, I'm trying to be clearer about the necessary disclosure notifications. You will find my statement linked in my sidebar, sponsorship page, and about me page. Also I've been trying to remember to put notification about affiliate links near my affiliate links.

SPONSOR:: Another new spot on the pages bar is my Sponsorship tab. I'm offering two sizes and a swap right now. Thanks a million to the swappers so far that have been brave enough to be my first! Make sure you check out Mommy by the Sea, Fearlessly Authentic, Urban Cashmere, and Lost & Fawned. I hope this is the start of bigger things to come! There are some fantastic bloggers out there that have the best tips. These are the posts that I got the most information from:

Three things to focus on to help you have a kick butt sponsorship program!
via Jana
Jana has amazing tips for organization, promotion, and communication. She also goes in depth with Hootsuite and Passionfruit Ads. She was even so sweet to send me a link to her sponsor checklist! That's the kind of blogger you want to sponsor!

via Rachel
Rachel has three great tips that I pondered over for probably weeks before setting up my sponsor page. I think they're perfect for any budding blogger. She has also found three great resources for printables to keep you organized. 

6 Tips To Start Sponsorship On Your Blog
via Rachel
The last round of tips also comes from a Rachel, but a different one. Her tips are short and sweet and the ones to keep in mind through your entire journey. One is even to quit if it gets overwhelming. She also recommends the buffer app for social media management.

I found all of these amazing blogs via their pinterest pages. It's where I get most of my blog advice. Check out my "for the blog" pinterest board for more people that know more about blogging than I probably will ever dream to.

Follow Meghan Hayes's board for the blog on Pinterest.

What do you think about the changes? Do you have any tips for a blogger who is on a steep learning curve?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August Ipsy Glam Bag Review:: "Beauty Schooled"

august ipsy glam bag unboxing ::
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Since receiving my first Ipsy glam bag in July, I learned more about the differences between Ipsy and the other beauty subscription boxes. You can actually tell them in your product reviews if it's a product you're interested in. With it only having been a month since I started giving them feed back on what is relevant to my beauty routine, I can't justifiably say if it's making a difference. This month I did get four products I was very interested in instead of just two, so I'm going to give it another month and see if it continues to improve. Check out what I got in the unboxing video below! Interested in trying Ipsy for yourself? Subscribe through this link!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Denim Vest Remix

Hello and happy Monday, y'all! Let's do this thing! To start off the week, here's a remix of the denim vest that I haven't really taken off since it came in the mail last Wednesday.

denim vest outfit ideas ::
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vest:: J.Crew popover:: J.Crew skirt:: Odille for Anthropologie (similar) bracelets:: all J.Crew (same::similar::similar) boots:: Jessica Simpson (similar)
denim vest outfit ideas :: www.hayesdays.comdenim vest outfit ideas :: www.hayesdays.comdenim vest outfit ideas ::

denim vest outfit ideas :: www.hayesdays.comdenim vest outfit ideas ::

This may just be my new all time favorite outfit, though I haven't actually worn this yet. These photos are from my playing dress up last Wednesday when my order came in. I'm thinking of wearing it for my co-workers wedding in October. She's getting married in a barn and is having a big party that will be very un-wedding like if I know her. Plaid, denim, and boots will be perfect for her wedding. I don't know if I can wait until October to wear this outfit I love it so much! I danced around it in and took more pictures in this outfit than any of the others. If I had to pick out an outfit that is totally and completely me, it just might be this one. Not that you should look for happiness in clothes, but what you wear should make you happy. The boots from my own wedding day and the most perfect plaid I've ever acquired. The skirt and vest are just the icing on the cake. C'mon fall!

Also meet Amy. She's one of my three kitties. She doesn't really like people, but she wants you close enough to know that she still needs you around, thus her presence in these photos.

What outfit or pieces in your closet make you feel awesome when you wear them? Do you have a denim vest?

denim vest outfit ideas ::

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